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Supper Clubs
Supper Clubs:

Supper Clubs are special dining settings that combine a typical restaurant feel with a private dining experience. Usually, a multi-course meal of four to five courses is served in a cozy and private setting, such as a person’s home or a private event venue. Elevated Catering Company will create our client’s menu preferences utilizing fresh, regional ingredients. It’s the ideal place for a date night with your significant other or a group of friends because the setting is relaxed and emphasizes food, conversation, and community. The client can also select a themed dinner with a uniquely curated menu by Chef Brian DePaulis and his team. Upon the client’s request, our team can create a ‘surprise’ themed menu as well.

In addition to the private setting events, our catering company also hosts ‘pop-up’ events. These dining experiences are exclusive and reservation-only events, giving attendees the chance to savor delectable food and wonderful conversation in a warm atmosphere.

Supper Club Memberships:

Elevated Catering Company offers a Supper Club membership in a yearly format. We have a number of packages that are available. The catering packages offer several event menu inspirations ranging from three times a year to six times a year. For those who love to entertain, there is even a third membership where our team will provide nine event menus that are sure to impress! Each event would be planned in advance ensuring our client’s service experience is top-notch. Our clients enjoy the no-stress convenience while they and their guests enjoyable evening full of food and flavor. The event selected within the packages can vary from a single private catering event to planning a birthday dinner among friends and family.

Supper Club Menu Inspirations: