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Wedding Events:

Many couples choose Camel City, also known as Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in search of the ideal location for their dream wedding. It’s no surprise that hundreds of people choose to celebrate their special day in this captivating city, with its world-famous sites and rich historical significance from the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Elevated Catering Company can help support you in planning your dream wedding without sacrificing quality or style. Our catering team will create a mouthwatering menu with options for all dietary needs, including vegetarian and vegan dishes. Guests will savor every course, from the delectable appetizers to the decadent dessert, which will be served with care and presentation.

Your wedding is a statement of the love you and your partner share with one another, and we would feel honored to be a part of your story.  Because Elevated Catering Company provides customized menus, we can create a meal that is uniquely your own.

Elevated Catering Company offers a wedding event menu that is divided into tiers. Why? Well, just as there are many types of weddings, so are there many varying couples whose dream weddings look altogether different. Our team remains conscious of our client’s requests all while creating the dream celebration.

With that in mind, we offer three inspired menu tiers to help support our client’s wedding preferences…

Wedding Menu Inspirations: